Healing The Community

Seminole Addiction Treatment Services & Counseling is dedicated to serving our clients in Seminole and the surrounding counties with effective, affordable treatment programs geared towards identifying and resolving their problems. We believe that smaller, gender-specific group counseling is more effective than large groups that may include mixed gender, ages, and situations. We try to keep groups small (4-6 people), substance-specific, and age appropriate. We also make the attempt to put clients in the same group that typically have the same professional situations and affiliations. While this is not always possible, it is always the goal.

We advise our clients to be proactive when facing criminal charges such as possession, disorderly intoxication, DUI, etc. Before the case enters the system, clients should seek an appropriate recommendation for their situation. This will leave you in a stronger position so that Seminole Addiction Treatment Services & Counseling may advocate on your behalf with the courts.

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One Step At A Time

Operating out of Sanford, FL, we are healing the community, one client at a time. Seminole Addiction Treatment Services & Counseling is licensed by DCF to provide outpatient substance abuse treatment to clients in Seminole and surrounding counties. We also provide services to probation and parole for the Judicial System and the Court System of Florida. Seminole Addiction Treatment Services & Counseling provides substance abuse evaluations performed by experienced, trained personnel. Assessments are used to determine what, if any, treatment or education options are appropriate for you. We believe that proper assessments and treatments are necessary to promote a healthy lifestyle and a reduced re-offense rate throughout the community. Clients are ethically and individually evaluated according to DSM-5 criteria. No one is automatically recommended for treatment as the result of a referral from the Court or Probation.

Affordable Rates

Seminole Addiction Treatment Services & Counseling believes that our widely beneficial services should be affordable. Our goal is to maintain the lowest per-client rates possible. We promise to meet or beat rates for services offered by any other DCF licensed facility. We are currently priced at or below all other licensed facilities.

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Our goal is to make this process as simple and affordable as possible for people to get the help they need in order to change their behavior to become a happier and more productive member of society.

We would love for you to find out more about our facilities and our programs that we offer. Contact us today for additional information.


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Certification for training in MRT

Moral Reconation Therapy is a systematic treatment strategy that seeks to decrease recidivism among adult and juvenile criminal offenders by increasing moral reasoning.